UAP Common Extensions
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file  allocator.h [code]
 Interface for custom allocators.
file  array_list.h [code]
 Array list implementation.
file  buffer.h [code]
 Advanced buffer implementation.
file  collection.h [code]
 Common definitions for various collection implementations.
file  common.h [code]
 Common definitions and feature checks.
file  compare.h [code]
 A collection of simple compare functions.
file  hash_key.h [code]
 Interface for map implementations.
file  hash_map.h [code]
 Hash map implementation.
file  iterator.h [code]
 Interface for iterator implementations.
file  linked_list.h [code]
 Linked list implementation.
file  list.h [code]
 Interface for list implementations.
file  map.h [code]
 Interface for map implementations.
file  mempool.h [code]
 Interface for memory pool implementations.
file  printf.h [code]
 Wrapper for write functions with a printf-like interface.
file  string.h [code]
 Strings that know their length.
file  utils.h [code]
 General purpose utility functions.