renames int and longint distance and compare functions according to the new scheme

renames ucx_doublecmp() and ucx_floatcmp() to ucx_cmp_double() and ucx_cmp_float()

renames ucx_ptrcmp() to ucx_cmp_ptr()

renames ucx_memcmp() to ucx_cmp_mem()

renames ucx_sstrcmp() to ucx_cmp_sstr()

renames ucx_strncmp() to ucx_cmp_strn()

renames ucx_strcmp() to ucx_cmp_str()

closes constsstr branch constsstr

merges constsstr branch

Version 1.1 (library version 2:0:1).

(0) -300 -100 -10 +10 +100 tip