2020-01-05 Mike Beckermore appropriate names for core and assets unit master
2020-01-05 Mike Beckeradds MaterialManager
2020-01-05 Mike Beckerupdates code style
2020-01-05 Mike Beckerremoves stupid debugOutput() macro
2020-01-01 Mike Beckeradds camera and overall improves structure, but rolls...
2020-01-01 Mike Beckerstarts decoupling of scene data and renderer
2019-12-31 Mike Beckerremoves unnecessary specialization classes for shader...
2019-12-31 Mike Beckerextracts debug macros to separate header file
2019-12-31 Mike Beckerremoves .hgignore file
2019-12-31 Mike Beckercleanup of CMakeLists.txt files
2019-12-12 Mike Beckerrenames several classes and further decouples window...
2019-12-12 Mike Beckermerges base_event compilation unit into base
2019-12-08 Mike Beckermajor cleanup and decoupling
2019-12-08 Mike Beckeradds root CMakeLists.txt and adds CLion specific files...
2019-08-10 Mike Beckerscene graph should have only one root node
2019-06-26 Mike Beckerrenames base_scene.hpp to scene.hpp
2019-06-26 Mike Beckermerges GL related code
2019-06-26 Mike Beckermerges asset units
2019-05-26 Mike Beckermerges all namespaces
2019-05-26 Mike Beckermerges UI classes into ui.hpp
2019-05-26 Mike Beckeradds missing virtual destructor
2019-05-12 Mike Beckerremoves long time deprecated comment
2019-05-12 Mike Beckermerges base_display.hpp into base.hpp
2019-05-12 Mike Beckermerges base_debug.hpp into base.hpp
2019-05-12 Mike Beckerconsolidates datatypes compilation unit
2019-05-12 Mike Beckerremoves command line parser from engine
2019-04-30 Mike Beckerload shader from text files, display error message...
2019-04-24 Mike Beckermore coherent CMake output
2019-04-24 Mike Beckermoves engine code into subdirectory
2019-04-24 Mike Beckeroutputs find_package() result variables
2019-04-04 Mike Beckertexture coordinates are identified with vertex position...
2019-04-04 Mike Beckeruse 2DRect textures for UI
2019-04-04 Mike Beckerrefactoring of asset manager
2019-04-04 Mike Beckeradds some documentation to the scene graph classes...
2019-03-29 Mike Beckersaves 2 vertices by using triangle strip
2019-03-29 Mike BeckerUI nodes can now react on window resizes
2019-03-29 Mike Beckerimproves fps counter
2019-03-29 Mike Beckeradds working fps counter
2019-03-29 Mike Beckeradds text rendering
2019-03-29 Mike Beckeradds VertexArray class
2019-03-28 Mike Beckeradds video buffer abstraction
2019-03-28 Mike BeckerShader Programs should be const when used
2019-03-28 Mike Beckerimproves error handling
2019-03-28 Mike Beckerdistinguish shader and shader program
2019-03-27 Mike Beckercleans up base compilation units
2019-03-27 Mike Beckeradds spawn routine to game logic objects
2019-03-27 Mike Beckersimplifies game control a lot
2019-03-27 Mike Beckerrenames Renderer to SceneGraph
2019-03-24 Mike Beckerremoves per-frame debug output
2019-03-24 Mike Beckeradds shader, texture and SDL2 ttf
2019-03-24 Mike Beckerrenames include guards according to new scheme
2019-03-24 Mike Beckerprefix "base engine files"
2019-03-24 Mike Beckerremoves unnecessary ready_ flags
2019-03-24 Mike Beckermakes GL context available in IGameControl objects
2019-03-10 Mike Beckerreplaces arbitrary prioritized renderers with predefine...
2019-03-10 Mike Beckeradds elapsed time since last frame
2019-03-10 Mike Beckerdecouples game logic and event loop - game logic is...
2019-03-09 Mike Beckerimproves code architecture regarding event loop and...
2019-02-24 Mike Beckeradds end of life indicator for game controls
2019-02-24 Mike Beckeradds main game object
2019-02-24 Mike Beckerrenderer set now respects render priority
2019-02-24 Mike Beckermore debug messages
2019-02-24 Mike Beckeradds escape key to quit
2019-02-24 Mike Beckeradds simple debug output macro
2019-02-24 Mike Beckerhandles window resize events
2019-02-24 Mike Beckerchanges naming conventions for methods
2019-02-24 Mike Beckeradds event listener system and fullscreen command line...
2018-11-18 Mike Beckeradds nbproject
2018-11-18 Mike Beckeradds basic error handling which outputs to stderr
2018-11-12 Mike Beckerwrong whitespaces
2018-11-12 Mike Beckerinitial commit